Murrisk Abbey

Map Reference: L920828 (0920, 2828)

Murrisk Abbey was founded in 1457 by Hugh O'Malley for the Augustinian Friars. It is the traditional starting place for the pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick. It has the remains of a rectangular church with crenellations. There are some nice windows in the south wall with trefoil heads and others have ogee heads.

The former have pointed moulding on the outside and the rest have square moulding. There is a good east window. Beside the doorway in the north wall of the church is a holy-water font with foliated carving. This doorway leads to a rectangular building running north. It contains some well-preserved vaulted rooms and a spiral stairway leading above. There is a small carved mask on the outside of the south wall.

After the friars were driven out in 1578 their property was granted to James Garvey. However they may have returned for there is mention of the friary in an inquisition of 1605.

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